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Amsterdam Remains a Top Location for International Firms

Written by: Editor

Amsterdam-Remains-a-Top-Location-for-International-Firms.jpgA record number of companies have opened their offices in Amsterdam for the third year in a row. In 2016 alone more than 150 foreign corporations opened a business location in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. This shows that the city continues to be one of the major business hubs not only in the country but also in Europe. Amsterdam is a top destination for foreign investment and one of our lawyers in the Netherlands can help you open a branch or a subsidiary of a foreign company here.

Amsterdam, a competitive location for foreign companies

Amsterdam’s position as a competitive location for international companies is backed up by the IBM Global Location Trends Report in which the city occupies the third place for attracting foreign investment. Also, in the PwC Cities of Opportunity Ranking and the EY European Attractiveness Survey, the city comes in in the fourth position. 
The city’s global attractiveness is given not only by the favorable business climate in the country but also because of its ability to maintain its stability in a year that has proved to launch a new set of challenges for the business world, especially in Europe. Some foreign companies that have feared the effects of the Brexit have chosen to relocate to the Netherlands

Setting up the headquarters in Amsterdam

Among the most relevant factors that prove to be beneficial for foreign companies in the Netherlands, we can also include the good location in Europe, good infrastructure and connectivity, multiple business and work opportunities and the relevant pool of talented and skilled local and foreign workers.
Company formation in Amsterdam is easy and there are multiple options for incorporation. European companies can open a branch in the Netherlands and other foreign corporations can set up a subsidiary here.
The growth in the number of new companies in the Netherlands comes not only from Europe, though it is true that the biggest investors in 2016 came from the European, Middle East and North Africa region. North American companies also hold more than half of the total number of expanding companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.
If you would like to know more about expanding your business and opening a headquarters in Amsterdam you can contact our Dutch law firm.


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