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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on Thursday 08th October 2015

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Frequently-Asked-Questions-Lawyers-Netherlands.jpg1. What are the steps of business litigation cases in the Netherlands?

The business litigation proceedings start with a claim filed by the plaintiff. The commercial litigation trial is overseen by a lawyer and the team of experts at our law firm in the Netherlands can assist you in various cases like breach of contract, intellectual property infringement, securities fraud and many others. 

2. What are the most important legal aspects I should know about company formation in the Netherlands?

A new company in the Netherlands must have a unique name that does not violate any intellectual property laws, must have a registered office in the Netherlands and comply with the requirements for registration and the necessary business permits, licenses and authorizations.

3. What are the basic legal requirements for foreign investors wanting to invest in the Netherlands?

Foreign investors have the right to open companies just as any other Dutch citizen. They must observe the legislation for investments, apply for and obtain the necessary business licenses, meet the requirements for the minimum share capital and conduct their business activities according to law.

4. Will I need special permits or licenses for my new company in the Netherlands?

Yes. Depending on the type of activity your company conducts you will need special permits and/or licenses for trade activities, storing and selling foodstuffs or performing some financial services.

5. What is the procedure of debt collection in the Netherlands?

Debt collection can be initiated when a client is long overdue on certain payments. It can be done using extrajudicial procedures like sending demand letters or judicial measures when the case is taken to court. In some cases it may be useful to file a bankruptcy petition for a debtor. Whatever the case, the team of experts at our Dutch law firm can help you.

6. Do you need a visa to enter the Netherlands? How can I obtain it?

A Schengen visa is available for citizens of certain EU countries for a period of stay of maximum 90 days. For longer periods of time a short-stay visa is needed. Individuals can apply for visas at the Embassy/Consulate of the Netherlands in their country of residence.

7. What are the steps I must follow in order to obtain citizenship in the Netherlands?

Citizenship in the Netherlands can be obtained through marriage, through naturalization or the option procedure. Children born to a Dutch parent have the right to obtain Dutch citizenship. Our lawyers can give you more details about the eligibility criteria for obtaining citizenship. 

8. What are the requirements regarding employment in the Netherlands?

The Employment Law in the Netherlands governs the relationship between the employer and the employee. A foreign employee will need to obtain a work permits before coming in the country. An employment contract is mandatory and must be concluded in written form. Depending on the type of activity and the position, the employer may opt for an open term contract or one with a clearly defined duration.

9. Are there any special requirements for marriage and/or divorce in the Netherlands? 

Foreign couples can get married in the Netherlands if they wish to do so. A lawyer can help you if you are going through a divorce and need to settle child custody and distribute the assets. 

10. How are individuals and companies taxed in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands levies a corporate income tax of 20% or 25%. Companies also have to pay other taxes in the Netherlands like the real estate tax and the transfer tax. The income tax for individuals in the Netherlands is levied in progressive rates of up to 52%.
For more information about doing business in the Netherlands or for expert legal counselling and legal services you can contact our Dutch law firm.


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