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Legal Services in the Netherlands

Legal Services in Holland

Updated on Tuesday 10th May 2016

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  • Incorporation of Dutch Companies

If you want to open a business in the Netherlands, our Dutch law firm can offer you legal assistance and representation for the formation of BV (Limited Liability) and NV (Joint Stock) companies, both owning and trading companies. We also offer services related to company formation such as: company domiciliation, accounting services, tax advice.

  • Establishment of Subsidiaries and/or Branches in Netherlands

When international companies decide to do business in the Netherlands, they must choose the appropriate business form. Our legal services in Holland are related to the setup of Dutch legal entities with or without independent legal personality: subsidiaries or branches and representative offices. We can provide complete information about the advantages of each business type available for international companies on the Dutch market.

  • Special Permits or Licences for Company Activities

Some business fields in the Netherlands may require special permits in order to be able to provide services on the Dutch market. We can provide a complete list of the business activities regulated under Dutch law and our attorneys in the Netherlands can offer assistance for obtaining the permits and licenses needed in order to conduct business activities in Netherlands. This relates to permits from local authorities, licenses to conduct certain financial activities, requirements to hire Dutch nationals and others.

  • Mergers and Acquitions in Holland

Our Dutch law firm can help you with mergers and acquisitions in the Netherlands, as well as purchasing shares in existing Dutch companies and corporate restructuring on the Dutch market. Our experts can help you choose the right company if you want to take over an existing business. 

  • Liquidation, Dissolution and Restructuring of Dutch Companies

Whenever companies find themselves in financial difficulty, it is best to seek the services of professionals that can handle the delicate situation and help the company recover or take the necessary steps. Our Dutch lawyers and accountants can provide legal assistance related to the dissolution and liquidation of Dutch companies, restructuring and bankruptcy procedures.

  • Corporate/Commercial Litigation and Business Law

Our Dutch lawyers are able to represent you throughout all the stages of a litigation in the Netherlands and any litigation related to business law. The duration of a lawsuits in the Netherlands can vary according to the complexity of the case. Our Dutch attorneys can represent you throughout every legal stage.

  • IT Law

Information technology law (IT law) governs the distribution of digital information and computer software. If you are running an IT business in the Netherlands, our Dutch law firm can provide advice and representation for matters related to the Dutch IT law, including but not limited to, contracts, negotiations and litigation.

  • Real Estate Law

If you want to buy a property in the Netherlands, our Dutch attorneys can help you with various legal issues that concern the draw up of the sale and purchase agreements, particularities of the Real Estate Law in the Netherlands and real estate due diligence services.

  • Tax Advice and Tax Planning

We can provide a detailed insight into the Dutch taxation system. Your company can benefit from all the available tax incentives and our specialists can help you find the right tax minimization method.




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