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Obtaining a Work Permit in the Netherlands

Obtaining a Work Permit in the Netherlands

Updated on Monday 05th September 2016

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EU citizens and citizens form the European Economic Area (EEA) do not need a special work permit to be able to work in the Netherlands.
Every non-EU citizen that wants to work in the Netherlands needs to obtain a work permit. Usually, the employer requests the work permit for the foreign employer. This is only valid for that employer and it ceases when the work contract ends. Our partner immigration law office in the Netherlands can assist foreigners in this matter.
Types of work permits in the Netherlands
Foreigners do not need work permits if they are only performing work for a short period of time. This applies to press staff, musicians and visiting lecturers. Al other foreigners need one of the available types of work permits to be able to perform work in the Netherlands:
  • - a single permit, or GVAA;
  • - a highly skilled migrant permit;
  • - permits for recent graduates;
  • - entrepreneur permit.
A single permit or GVAA consists of a residence permit and an additional document that states the permission to work and the work conditions. It is generally used by non-EEA citizens and Swiss citizens that stay in the Netherlands for more than three months.
The highly skilled migrant scheme allows Dutch employers to hire talented foreigners in the Netherlands. International workers that apply for a highly skilled migrant permit must possess a high education level and have special skills that are scarce in the Netherlands. Employers that hire foreigners also benefit from a special tax regime in the Netherlands.
Permits for recent graduates are given to non-EU and non-EEA or Swiss students that have recently graduated from Dutch universities in order to be able to work in the Netherlands.
Foreign investors that want to set up their own business in the Netherlands need to apply for a residence permit for self-employment. Entrepreneurs must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for this type of work permit.
According to your specific needs, our lawyers in the Netherlands can help you obtain the appropriate work permit.
How to apply for a work permit in the Netherlands
Foreigners that want to apply for one of the types of work permits available in the Netherlands need to submit an application to the Work Permit Division of UWV WERKbedrijf. The application must be submitted at least five days before the commencement of the employment contract.
Any application for a work permit in the Netherlands must be done in writing. The applicant must submit complete and correct information. The legal period for assessing and approving or rejecting a Dutch work application is five weeks.
Our Dutch lawyers can help you obtain more relevant information about the competent authorities that handle work permits in the Netherlands.
We can provide specialized legal services and counselling regarding this matter. 


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