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Open Company Netherlands

Open a Company in Netherlands

Updated on Monday 17th July 2017

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Invest in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a very attractive business location that offers a wide variety of advantages to investors who want to open a company in the Netherlands. The country is a dynamic center for trade activities and industry, complete with a stable economy.  The Netherlands has a highly educated workforce: employees are multilingual and motivated and it also has an excellent geographical location in Europe.
Before deciding to open a business in the Netherlands, investors should know the basics of company formation and the legal requirements they have to fulfill. The lawyers who are part of the team at our law firm in the Netherlands are experienced in working with foreign investors and can give you a complete guide to opening a company in the Netherlands. 

Types of Dutch business entities

There are a number of legal entities that can be opened in the Netherlands. Each has its own characteristics and investors should choose the legal form of business that best suits their interests and needs. The limited liability company is the most common form of legal entity in the Netherlands. Two business forms of this type are recognized by law: the private limited liability company and the public limited liability company. 
The private limited liability company is commonly used for small and medium sized companies. The company does not require a minimum share capital and the liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount invested in the capital. The Dutch BV cannot be listed on the Stock Exchange.
The public limited liability company is more suited for large corporations and the initial investment is more substantial than in the case of the BV. The minimum share capital required for this business form is 45,000 EUR and this company needs to comply with stricter regulations because it can be listed on the stock exchange. Our consultants can give you details about the governance principles for the limited liability company and the attributions of the company directors.
Partnerships in the Netherlands are used by individuals who want to cooperate for a common business goal but do not want to incorporate a business entity for this purpose. The general partnership and the limited partnership are the most common in the Netherlands. The most notable difference between the two lies in the liability of the partners: the general partnership has unlimited liability for all partners while the limited partnership can have unlimited liability for some partners while other will only have limited liability. 
The sole trader is the simplest business form in the Netherlands: it does not have legal entity and it is managed by an individual who is fully liable for the debts and obligations. While this business form is very accessible because it requires no minimum share capital, it is only recommended for small businesses.
Our lawyers in the Netherlands can help you with more detailed information about each type of legal business entity and additional information if you want to open a branch or a subsidiary in the Netherlands.

Company registration in the Netherlands 

Depending on the chosen business type, investors will need to fulfill several steps in order to set up a company in the Netherlands. All Dutch companies must be registered at the Dutch Trade Register
Limited liability companies in the Netherlands will need to have Articles of Association and will also need to have a unique name. We can help you register a company name and open a bank account and deposit the necessary minimum share capital (if required).
Some business sectors may require special permits and licenses for companies. Our experts can help you submit the necessary documents and apply for the necessary permits.
Our Dutch lawyers can help you submit all the documents required for company incorporation in the Netherlands. Please contact our Dutch law firm if you want to open a business in the Netherlands.
We can help you incorporate companies in other European countries, such as Turkey and Bulgaria. Also, if you want to invest in other developing countries like Romania, our partners there will be able to assist you with a legal and accounting consultancy and even guide you towards specialists in other complementary areas such as real-estate, employment or even medical and dental services in Romania



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