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The Articles of Association of a Dutch Company

The Articles of Association of a Dutch Company

Updated on Wednesday 09th September 2015

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The Articles of Association in the Netherlands are important documents that govern the functioning of the company. Our lawyers in the Netherlands can help you draw up the company’s Articles of Association and know more about the Dutch company law.
Articles of Association and the types of Dutch companies 
When opening a company in the Netherlands, investors must choose the appropriate type of company to incorporate. Private limited liability companies (BV) and public limited companies (NV) in the Netherlands need to execute and file deeds of incorporation. This deed contains important information about the company incorporators, Board Members, and financial details, such as the initial capital of the company. The incorporation deed also contains the company’s Articles of Association.
Our Dutch lawyers are ready to provide complete company incorporation services in some of the most important cities in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
The content of the Dutch Articles of Association
The Articles of Association can be viewed as the company’s constitution: a document that defines the purpose of the company, the kind of business it will develop, the duties and responsibilities of its directors and the powers that lay in the hands of the company’s shareholders.
Some of the basic information included in the Articles of Association is:
- the complete name of the company;
- the city where the company is registered;
- the purpose of the company;
- the authorized capital in euros and the division in shares;
- special provisions for share transfer;
- the powers of the directors, shareholders and company members and their voting rights;
- special provisions for altering the Articles of Association, etc.
The Articles of Association can also contain the by-laws of the company (the rules by which the company organizes itself), various internal regulations and many administrative issues. The Articles of Association can be amended following a proposal made by the Management Board that was previously approved by the Supervisory Board. The General Meeting of Shareholders decides to apply an amendment if it is approved by a majority of votes.
Our law firm in the Netherlands can offer you complete company management services. Please contact our office for more detailed information and a personalized offer.


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