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Virtual Office in the Netherlands

Virtual Office in the Netherlands

Updated on Friday 22nd July 2016

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A virtual office is a good choice for business developers that want to extend their business into a new territory, without having to invest a great amount of money. In order to establish their presence in the Netherlands, an entrepreneur can choose to open a Dutch virtual office and choose a preferred business location in any Dutch city. A good office location in a modern office building can help improve the public's perception of the company.
Our lawyers invite you to watch a concise video about the particularities of a virtual office

Why open a virtual office?

A virtual office in the Netherlands can be opened by a legal entity that already has a business established within the country but wishes to extend to other cities, such as Amsterdam, as well as foreign investors that do not have a legal right to activate in the Netherlands, but they do want to firstly test the business environment the country has to offer. 
In order to set up a business in Netherlands, the entrepreneur needs to have a registered office, therefore having a virtual office automatically solves this issue and he will be provided with a business address in the Netherlands.

Advantages of opening a virtual office in Netherlands

One of the biggest advantages offered by a Dutch virtual office is that it allows the client to work from any location. By choosing this type of office, he can rest assured that the affairs are properly taken care of by specialized professionals.
Our lawyers in the Netherlands can offer the possibility of renting a virtual office. The advantages are that you will have access to an executive assistant that takes care of the customer’s calls, you will have permission to use the address, and we will take care of your correspondence. In addition, we offer support with a dedicated fax service that has its own private number. Among other services offered by our Dutch law firm is the collection of bank statements.
Once you have chosen to open a virtual office in the Netherlands, you will be able to enjoy a high-profile office in one of the most interesting countries in the world when it comes to business, everything with a minimum cost since renting a virtual office is a less expensive option than a regular office.
If you are interested in opening a virtual office in the Netherlands, contact our us and they will provide all the requested information. Our Dutch law firm is specialized in legal matters and they will offer the best services and solutions for your business.  

Services offered by a virtual office in Netherlands

- A business address needed for opening a company in Netherlands
- Collecting mail and forwarding the correspondence according to the instructions given by the client
- Dedicated fax number. All faxes received will be forwarded to the client
- Local phone number in the Netherlands that allows you to provide a local number for possible clients
- Call redirecting from a Dutch number


  • Sam 2015-05-18

    Hi I am gladly to find yr website. I have some questions about costs in Netherlands . our company wants to set-up LTD company in Netherlands so we need answer of bellow questions. -cost of set-up LTD company in Netherlands ? -cost of opening bank account for company? - how much we deposite money for opening bank account? -cost of virtual office for 1 year? -cost of acconting for 1 year? Looking forward to hearing from yr side soon. yrs sincerely.

    Hello Sam! We kindly ask you to send us a detailed e-mail at and we will respond with details and a quotation as soon as possible. Have a great day!

  • Jernej Mavrič 2016-11-25

    Dear, we are a small UK Ltd. company wishing to start doing business in the Netherlands. For starters we would like to just set up a Dutch address (preferably in Amsterdam) together with mail forwarding. Could you give me an estimate on how much this would cost? Thank you so much for your help. Kind regards, Jernej

    Hello Jernej Mavrič and thank you for your message. We can help you establish a business in the Netherlands. Please send us your request via e-mail at office(at) and we will reply with a personalized offer as soon as possible. Have a great day!

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