The Netherlands is one of the world’s most competitive countries

Written by: Bridgewest

The_Netherlands_is_one_of_the_worlds_most_competitive_countries.jpgThe Netherlands is an important business destination in Europe. The relatively small country has huge business potential and is located near some of the most important countries in Europe with which the Dutch have strong trade relations. The Netherlands was recently ranked eighth in the Global Competitiveness Index published by the World Economic Forum.
The competitiveness of a country, as analysed in the Index published by the World Economic Forum, is determined by various factors which combined add to the overall productivity of a country. The Dutch ranked eighth in the Index and were surpassed only by three other European countries:  Switzerland, Finland and Germany.
Transportation is the key
The report talks about the excellent infrastructure the country has, and the quality of its ports is also mentioned (it ranks first). According to the report, the Dutch enjoy a very good infrastructure for all means of transportation: by air, road or railroads. This, in turn, is a characteristic that makes the country a very well appreciated importer and exporter in Europe. According to the European Union Scoreboard, the Netherlands and Germany have the most highly developed and modern transport systems in Europe.
The Dutch educational system was also mentioned in the report issued by WEF. The Netherlands has a valuable and adaptable workforce, well trained, well-educated and highly skilled young employees are valuable assets for multinational companies that operate in the Netherlands. According to a previous report, the Dutch educational system was ranked eighth in the world.
The Global Competiveness Index analysed the following areas (or pillars) in the Netherlands: institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic environment, health and primary education, higher education and training, goods market efficiency, labour market efficiency, financial market development, technological readiness, market size, business sophistication and innovation.
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