A new type of agriculture in the Netherlands

Written by: Bridgewest


The Netherlands is leading a global effort that aims to improve agricultural methods and reduce world hunger. The Dutch have launched and will lead a global alliance for greater food security. The method proposed by the Netherlands, and adopted by many other countries that support the cause, is called climate-smart agriculture.
The launch of the global alliance for food security took place at the UN Climate Summit in New York City. The Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, along with the Dutch Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma launched the Global Alliance on Smart-Agriculture, an initiative supported by another 75 countries worldwide, together with important organizations, like the World Bank.

The Dutch are paving the way for a new type of agriculture

The Global Alliance will use an approach on agriculture developed in the Netherlands. Climate-smart agriculture successfully combines science, business and the help of the Government. Business owners in the Netherlands, along with local Dutch farmers will develop new innovative and sustainable production methods. These methods are more resistant to climate change and are also helping the environment, by reducing the CO2 emissions. The climate-smart technology represents a starting point for other new markets for technology providers and farmers.
As one of the top exporters of food and agriculture products, The Netherlands is a global player in agriculture and this initiative was very well received. The Alliance addresses the business environment in the Netherlands and will work with experts in the business community to create new farms and coordinate agricultural training programs. Partnerships will be both public and private and the continuous need for growth and innovation in the field makes agriculture a lucrative business sector.
Climate Smart Agriculture is a project developed by the Wageningen UR, a collaboration between the Wageningen University in the Netherlands and the DLO foundation. You can contact our lawyers in the Netherlands for information about other sustainable projects, additional information about investing in Dutch agriculture, as well as other business opportunities for foreign investors.