Unemployment rate dropped at 8% in the Netherlands

Written by: Bridgewest


More people are finding work in the Netherlands, a new statistic released by Statistics Netherlands shows. The unemployment rate has been decreasing for the fifth month in a row, managing to record its lowest value in September. The Dutch workforce remains one of the greatest assets of the country and a reason foreign investors choose to open businesses here.

September: a good month for employment

September recorded a significantly lower percentage of unemployed people in the Netherlands. Approximately 8% of the workforce, meaning that 628.000 people, were unemployed in September. Although this does not mean that unemployment is not an issue anymore, it is definitely a significant improvement compared to August 2014, when the number of unemployed people was higher with about 4.000 individuals who did not have a job.  
The average reduction of unemployment maintains a steady increase. In the past six months, the Netherlands had a decrease of almost 60.000 people without a job the number dropping at an almost constant rate with approximately 10.000 individuals per month. This is a good indicator that the Dutch economy is following an ascending path, if compared to the first quarter of 2014 when the situation was not nearly as good.

The Netherlands, among the EU countries with the lowest unemployment rate

Compared to other European countries, the Netherlands is in a favorable position: it has a relatively low unemployment rate, with a value of 6,6% in August. Countries like Germany, Austria and Malta make the top countries, with an average of about 5%.
If we look at the Dutch workforce according to genders, there is a slight discrepancy between men and women who manage to find a job. Out of the 60.000 people employed in the past months, 37.000 were men. Despite this, the number of women who manage to find a new job is larger than the number of women who lose jobs. 
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