More foreign investments in the Dutch retail sector

Written by: Bridgewest

More_foreign_investments_in_the_Dutch_retail_sector.jpgThe Dutch retail sector recorded a year of growth in 2014 as foreign investors brought on a total of almost 1.5 billion euros in investments in various retail sectors. This is nearly double compared to 2013 and if we are considering that 2014 has been a year of recovery and growth in the Netherlands, we can begin to assume that this year will be even more profitable for the Dutch retail sector.

A constantly evolving market

Last year, foreign investors were almost half of the participants in the investment in retail property, 47% to be more exact. The revenue from 2014, nearly 1.5 billion, is almost double the amount recorded in the same sector in 2013, namely almost 803 million euros.
Specialists assume that the boost in the retail sector recorded in 2014 is due to the sale of shopping centers to a number of US equity houses. The ones that seem to have recorded the most significant growth in 2014 seem to be budget outlets and on the opposite pole are those in the retail lease market.

The Dutch retail sector

Last year was especially beneficial for non-store retailing. If value sales in in store-retailing were slightly lower compared to the non-store ones, the latter seem to have become the backbone of the Dutch retail sector. Grocery retailers were also a category that did well in 2014, mainly because consumers are less likely to reduce their spending on grocery, if compared to any other type of products.
Internet retailing continued to grow in 2014 and more foreign companies are beginning to see the opportunities in this sector. Many street retailers are going online and establishing themselves successfully in this area, as consumers are becoming more confident in online shopping. It is expected that the internet retailing sector will continue to grow in the coming years, especially with the ever increasing usage of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to make online purchases.
The Dutch retail sector offers opportunities in many business fields, like electronics and appliances, furniture retailers, grocery retailers, health and beauty and of course internet retailing. If you want to invest in the Dutch retail sector, please contact our lawyers in the Netherlands.