Companies are more interested in online gambling

Written by: Bridgewest

Companies_are_more_interested_in_online_gambling.jpgOnline gambling is looking as a more and more popular business option in the Netherlands. More than 200 companies are interested in obtaining a special licence that would allow them to become online gambling providers. This interest could be very well increased by an anticipated decision regarding the liberalization of the Dutch online gambling market. If the parliament approves these activities, online gambling could be the start of a new profitable investment field in the Netherlands

The Dutch online gambling market

The Netherlands is a country that is well connected to the internet (over 93% of the country) it is only natural that its many users are interested in online gaming and provide a profitable market for gaming as well as online gambling.
Online casinos in the Netherlands are an important part of the online market. It is estimated that more than 20% of this market is dominated by online casinos and one of the most popular games is online poker. Because a new decision to liberalise the Dutch gambling market is expected to be made before the summer, an important number of Dutch companies have applied for a licence that will allow them to offer online gambling services. The pre-applications have been opened since December 1 and until now, more than 200 companies have signed up for the licence.

Regulations for online gambling in the Netherlands 

Once the new regulations will be in place, this business sector will become more and more competitive. Local companies, as well as international brands have expressed their intention of entering the online gambling market. Online poker and online bingo are expected to be the two types of games that will dominate the market, followed by online lottery.
Although some activities are regarded as illegal, it is estimated that individuals in the Netherlands invest between 250 million euros and 800 million euros in these types of activities.
If you are interested in investing in online gambling in the Netherlands, our law firm in the Netherlands can give you more information about the licenses needed and the recent changes in the market.