Tourism Increase in the Netherlands

Written by: Bridgewest

Tourism-Increase-in-the-Netherlands.jpgThe number of tourists who visit and stay at least one night in the Netherlands rose in 2014 for the fifth year in a row. This positive trend has also continued during the first six months of 2015 and a 7% increase in foreign tourists was reported by the national statistics office. This increase in foreign visitors is welcomed by Dutch travel agencies and the total amount of capital from tourism is important for the country’s economy.

A sharp rise in foreign visitors in the Netherlands

A 7% increase in foreign tourists this year is the best reflection of the positive trend the Netherlands has been enjoying during the last five years in tourism. The number of foreign tourists is largest from neighboring countries like Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. These areas accounted for nearly half of the foreign tourists who visit the Netherlands. Foreigners from other places also choose to see what the Dutch have to offer: it is no surprise that the Chinese are also among the most numerous visitors in the Netherlands.
The national statistics office in the Netherlands indicates that tourists, both national and foreign, spent with 5.3% more nights in Dutch hotels, youth hostels and campsites in 2014 compared to 2013. Tourism accounts for 3.7% of the GDP, according to the same source.

Tourism in the Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital city and also the most populous one in the Netherlands. This is the most important touristic destination in the country and also one of the most visited cities in Europe. Amsterdam’s museums, canals and, perhaps most importantly, lifestyle are the key point of interest for foreigners who visit the country. Other important Dutch cities include Rotterdam, Utrecht or The Hague.
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