Foreign Investments Drove Dutch Employment Growth in 2015

Written by: Bridgewest

Foreign-investments-drove-Dutch-employment-growth-in-2015The Netherlands registered a good year in terms of foreign investments in 2015, according to a recent report. A large number of North American companies have developed several projects which have also driven an increase in employment rates. Our lawyers in the Netherlands can offer you more information about the foreign investment climate in this country.

The Netherlands attracted over 300 foreign investment projects

Based on the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency’s report, the new program Invest in Holland attracted more than 300 projects in 2015 amounting up to 2.4 billion USD in capital investment. Two thirds of these projects benefited from the Agency’s support which is in charge with facilitating the establishment and expansion of business operations of foreign companies in the Netherlands. Most of the companies coming to the Netherlands were Americafn and Canadian, showing the good trading relations Holland has with North America. Among these, American companies invested around 1.5 billion USD in 19 diverse projects, 15 marketing and sales companies and 12 service centers. The industries most sought by foreign investors were research and development (R&D), information technology and life sciences and health.

More than 9,000 jobs created by foreign investments in the Netherlands in 2015

Together with the rise in the number of foreign investments, the number of jobs created also grew significantly. Foreign companies accounted for over 9,300 jobs in 2015. American companies have created more than 4,500 jobs in their new service centers and marketing and sales companies.

Also, several company executives declared that one of the reasons for coming to the Netherlands is the workforce as it has the qualities American companies seek: education and an excellent level of English. The logistics, infrastructure and the “supportive corporate tax structure” have also weighed a lot in the decision.

Among the cities receiving most of the foreign investments were Bergen op Zoom and Almere which were preferred by media companies, while Tilburg and Groningen were the choice destination of large IT&C and automotive companies. Rotterdam, on the other hand, was preferred by one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

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