5 Small Business Ideas in the Netherlands

Written by: Bridgewest

5-Small-Business-Ideas-in-the-Netherlands.jpgThe Netherlands welcomes foreigners to live, work and start their business here. While the country is an ideal place to set-up the branch of an international company or base a large business, small companies also thrive in the Netherlands. The country is one of those in Europe that have a large number of start-ups and investors can open a new business here with relatively little capital but a lot of determination.

1. The food business

The Dutch are often too busy to take the time to cook for themselves. This is why a food business like a catering agency or a restaurant is a good small business idea. Special permits and licenses will be needed to sell, produce and store food in the country.

2. A handmade business

This small business will require a low capital to start with and relies on the creator’s talent and ingenuity. From jewellery to leather or textile bags or clothing can be made and sold to tourists or locals.

3. An online shop

Opening a website in the Netherlands is easy and you can turn your website into a web platform that helps people buy what they need or that facilitates access to various service providers.

4. Mobile app development

Also in the IT business, mobile app developers are coming up with exciting and useful new solutions. From finance to social productivity, apps target a wide range of clients.

5. Childcare centre

Many parents in the Netherlands work full-time jobs and will need someone to look after their little ones. A childcare centre is a step up especially for an investor who has had previous experience (who was a babysitter perhaps). This business will also be subject to certain special requirements and permits, especially for child safety.
Foreign investors enjoy the same treatment as local ones and they can open all types of Dutch companies. No matter what business they choose to open, entrepreneurs will always have to observe the local tax rules and follow the company registration process.
For information about how to register a company in the Netherlands, please contact our Dutch law firm.