Relocating a UK Business in the Netherlands after BREXIT

Written by: Bridgewest

Moving-a-UK-Business-in-the-Netherlands-after-BREXIT.jpgBritain’s decision to leave the EU was a resonant one that prompted many international companies based in London to look for a relocation option in Europe. While the true economic and business effects of the Brexit vote are yet to become apparent, investors can decide to move their UK business in the Netherlands. The relocation procedure is done to certain requirements and a law firm in the Netherlands can help you start the necessary steps.

Why choose the Netherlands to relocate your business?

Amsterdam was already an important business centre in Europe and UK’s decision to leave the EU might just boost the city’s attractiveness for foreign investors. One of the greatest advantages the country has is its geographical position in Europe, located at the crossroads between important capitals like London, Paris or Brussels.
Other important reasons to consider relocating your business from the UK to the Netherlands include:
- good business and regulatory regime;
- the taxation regime;
- employee qualification and fluency in English;
- the living standards;
- a number of key industries for investments.
The Netherlands has a very good infrastructure, making it an ideal location to base and import/export company in Europe. Moreover, research and development activities are also encouraged in the country through various incentives.

What are the steps for company relocation in the Netherlands? 

If you need further legal counselling and advice regarding your working rights in the Netherlands as a British employee or the right to open a company in the country after the Brexit, please contact our law firm in the Netherlands.
The company incorporation procedure in the Netherlands is straightforward provided that the investors have prepared the company documents and have opened a bank account for the newly incorporated company. Several types of legal entities suit a wide range of business needs, from small and medium-sized businesses to larger corporations. 
UK businesses that have already opened a branch in the Netherlands can talk to one of our Dutch lawyers to find out if and how they can simplify the corporate transfer procedures.
If you want to know more about the legislation for foreign investments in the Netherlands you can contact our law firm in the Netherlands.