The Small Business Sector, Beneficial for Dutch Exports

Written by: Editor

The-Small-Business-Sector-Beneficial-for-Dutch-Exports.jpgIndependent small businesses comprise a large portion of the total Dutch exports. Last year, approximately 26% of the total exports were produced by small companies in the Netherlands. Dutch-produced goods accounted for more than 70% of these types of exports. Investors who want to open a small business in the Netherlands can request the services of our Dutch law firm. Entrepreneurs can choose to invest in any business field as the Netherlands has a very pro-investment business policy.

The rise of small Dutch businesses

Small businesses that produce their goods in the Netherlands play an increasingly bigger role in in the overall export trade volume. In 2015 these types of Dutch companies accounted for 26% of the total exports. The figure is even larger for those small businesses that are part of larger corporations, partly due to the number of re-exported goods outside the Netherlands.
The total value of exports made by independent small companies in the Netherlands reached almost 80 billion euros in 2015. More than 75% of these exported products were manufactured in the country. 
The experts at our law firm in Netherlands can help you with more information about the company incorporation process and the possible incentives for small companies. Activities like research and development benefit from state aid.

Dutch exports

The Netherlands is a producer of machinery and equipment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, oil and vehicle parts, foodstuff and live trees and plants.
Out of these categories, pharmaceuticals are a type of product that shows important potential for growth, along with electronic equipment. 
Investors who want to open a Dutch-based company and afterward export the products manufactured in the country need to observe the relevant laws for trading. The Netherlands adopted its policies and regulations according to the main export and import regulations imposed by the EU.
To find out more about the legislation for investments or if you have certain questions about the import and export policy please do not hesitate to contact our Dutch law firm