Law Firm in Amsterdam

Law Firm in Amsterdam

Updated on Tuesday 04th August 2020

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Many foreign investors choose to open businesses in the Netherlands and our lawyers in Amsterdam are ready to be your trustworthy partners during your activities on the Dutch market. 
Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and the most populous city in the country. It is renowned for its openness, and it is also the cultural and commercial capital of the Netherlands. These qualities make Amsterdam one of the best cities in Europe to locate an international business.

Open a company in Amsterdam

There are five types of legal entities that can be opened in Amsterdam
companies that have legal personality: private limited liability companies and public limited liability companies
partnerships that have no legal personality: general partnerships, limited partnerships, professional partnerships.
The private limited liability company is the most popular type of company in the Netherlands, however, each type of company has its own advantages. Investors can also decide to open branches or subsidiaries in Amsterdam.
Our lawyers in Amsterdam are ready to help you open a company of your choice in the capital city of the Netherlands. We can also assist you if you have a company in Amsterdam and wish to register a trademark in the Netherlands.

Legal provisions for doing business in Amsterdam

All companies incorporated in Amsterdam must observe the Company Law in the Netherlands. It contains the general rules for conducting business activities in the Netherlands. Company mergers and acquisitions in Amsterdam are also regulated by the company law.
In order to perform commercial activities in the Netherlands, foreign investors should know that the Dutch commercial law regulates the contributions and shares necessary to open a business in Amsterdam. 
If company managers want to hire employees in Amsterdam, they must consider some special provisions that exist in the Netherlands for foreign employees. Our lawyers in the Netherlands can provide counselling regarding the Dutch employment law.

Dealing with business issues in Amsterdam

Our Amsterdam lawyers can also help you with company dissolution and liquidation. In the Netherlands companies can be liquidated in two ways. We will ensure that the process runs smoothly. If, however, your company in Amsterdam encounters other issues, such as debt, our Dutch lawyers will recover the losses.
Our law firm in Amsterdam can offer legal solutions for multiple procedures and issues. You will receive specialized and custom services,  suited for the particular needs of your company. You can contact us for additional information and offers.