Open a Cryptocurrency Company in the Netherlands

Open a Cryptocurrency Company in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 05th August 2020

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Open-a-Cryptocurrency-Company-in-the-Netherlands.jpgThe Netherlands is known as a financial hub and one that promotes innovation. Amsterdam and other Dutch cities are preferred locations for those who wish to open a cryptocurrency company in the Netherlands.
The Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) has yet to provide a comprehensive framework for trading in Bitcoin and other currencies as well as the initial coin offerings. However, Dutch lawmakers, among which the AFM, the Central Bank, and the Consumer Authority have expressed the need to develop a clear policy for this type of activity.
Our team of Dutch lawyers can give answer your questions regarding the control and regulations that influence companies that are involved in cryptocurrency businesses.
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The Dutch law on cryptocurrencies 

The Netherlands may be seen as a “crypto hub” in Europe. Trading on a cryptocurrency exchange and, more often, trading in Bitcoin is possible here although this type of trading is not yet formally regulated by the financial authorities in the country.
As far as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other types of cryptocurrencies are concerned, they are not perceived to be identical to money, as they are defined in the Dutch Civil Code. However, a recommendation set forward by the Dutch lawmakers is that these types of currencies should be seen as a means of exchange. Because they are decentralized, they are not perceived as virtual money. Our attorneys in the Netherlands can give you more information about the current conditions and regulations applicable to this business field.

Opening a Dutch company

Investors who start a cryptocurrency business in the Netherlands will commonly choose to open a limited company. Also called the Dutch BV, this business form has advantages in terms of investor liability and a simple setup process.
In almost all cases, the formation of a new Dutch company will last three days. Foreign investors who need special assistance in the Netherlands can talk to one of our Dutch lawyers.
Investors who open a company can also choose to perform a trademark registration in Netherlands, as needed for their business.
Contact our law firm in the Netherlands for more information about setting up a business and the various laws that govern particular business fields.