Opening a Travel Agency in the Netherlands

Opening a Travel Agency in the Netherlands

Updated on Tuesday 17th March 2020

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A relatively small country on the map of Europe, the Netherlands undoubtedly has a charming allure. With its canals, windmills, beautiful tulips and colourful old houses, the Netherlands is a mix of modernism and serenity, history and adaptability. Foreign investors who want to open a travel agency in the Netherlands don’t  choose the country only because it has given us memorable names like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, but also because it is very accessible and investor-friendly.
Dutch travel agencies are regulated just as any other business in the Netherlands. There are a few key steps for setting up a Dutch company and our lawyers in the Netherlands are able to help you every step of the way.
How to start a travel agency in the Netherlands
The first step before incorporating a new company is choosing a name for the new travel agency. Trademarks can be registered and protected throughout Europe and it is best to register a company name to make sure that no other competing travel agency or company uses a similar name. Recognition is important and in its early years any travel agency want to differentiate itself from its competition. Our Dutch lawyers can help you reserve a company name.
Any type of company in the Netherlands needs to be registered at the Dutch Trade Register and, furthermore, register for VAT. Our law firm in the Netherlands can provide specialty accounting services in the Netherlands and can offer you complete information about the Dutch taxation laws.
Depending on the size of the travel agency, an office space will also be necessary. Although Amsterdam is the heart of the Netherlands, other cities like The Hague, Leiden or Rotterdam can be excellent choices to lend or buy a house in the Netherlands. In time you may need to consider expending your business and hiring employees
Travel in the Netherlands
A travel agency located in the Netherlands has great potential for development and expansion. The services offered to customers can be diverse and attractive and can include internal and external touristic packages. Depending on the size of the agency and its target customers, services can vary from consultation, ticketing, booking and insurances to more complex services like special holiday packages. 
The Netherlands offers many business opportunities and our Dutch accountants are able to provide all the necessary legal services. Please contact our law firm in the Netherlands for more information about the legislation for investments.

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