Reasons to Invest in West Holland

Reasons to Invest in West Holland

Updated on Friday 03rd April 2020

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Reasons-to-Invest-in-West-Holland.jpgThe West Holland region, a modern hotspot for investment in the Netherlands, is located between two of the country’s most important cities: Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The area offers important development opportunities for a myriad of business fields from horticulture to life sciences or IT.
The business environment is an international one, with access to excellent infrastructure, a talented, hardworking and bilingual workforce and the tax advantages that the Netherlands offers to its foreign investors
The country has a stable political and legal environment and one that welcomes foreign investments and business owners from around the world. The experts at our Dutch law firm can give you the most important details about the legal requirements for opening a company in West Holland

Top reasons to consider investing in West Holland

Investors who are considering expanding their business in Europe or opening a new company headquarters in another EU country can explore the business advantages offered by the Netherlands.
West Holland is an excellent choice for those investors who want to expand, relocate a business or establish a new one. Some of the top reasons to invest in West Holland include:
- good location in the Netherlands and Europe;
- good infrastructure and a developed internet network;
- highly educated and multilingual workforce;
- a high quality of life;
- life sciences, IT and innovation hub. 

Businesses in West Holland

Foreign companies can choose to open a new business in any one of the key industries in West Holland. Common business operations include new company headquarters, service and data centers, research and development centers, logistics and distribution hubs, manufacturing centers, or regional marketing and sales offices.
Foreign companies can enter the Dutch market through a branch in West Holland or by opening a subsidiary in the Netherlands
Regardless of your preferred business choice, you can talk to one of our Dutch lawyers for more information on the requirements for different legal entities and the tax rules and regulations.
Contact our law firm in the Netherlands to find out more about opening a company in West Holland, the key investment areas in the country and the laws that are in place for investments. Our team of lawyers can also help you open a bank account in Netherlands for your new company and register the company for VAT.