Start a Franchise Business in Netherlands

Start a Franchise Business in Netherlands

Updated on Friday 10th September 2021

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Start-a-Franchise-Business-in-Netherlands.jpgInvestors willing to open a business in the Netherlands can explore the existing franchising opportunities in the country. This business model is one based on the extension of an existing corporation through selling the business concept and know-how to an entrepreneur who will use the model to open a local business.
The opportunities presented to those who start a franchise business in the Netherlands are largely based on having access to an already tested and successful business model. The agreement between the two contracting parties, the franchisor, and the franchisee, is based on an agreement and one of our Dutch lawyers can assist you in handling the acquisition of the business model.
The following video presents some of the most important characteristics of a Dutch franchise:


Franchise opportunities in the Netherlands

The relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee is mutually advantageous. The first sells its business licenses and obtains an expansion of its brand and business while the second receives a tested and working business model, as well as assistance for organizing the new business, marketing and staff training, all for the purpose of properly integrating the business model on a new market.
Franchising opportunities in the Netherlands can be found in a wide range of business fields. Some of these include:
- restaurants and cafes;
- entertainment;
- leisure, wellness, and health;
- education and training;
- clothing and accessories;
- furniture and kitchen equipment.
Investors can explore the existing business opportunities and request further information from the franchisor. Our team of Dutch lawyers can help you with adequate assistance for performing a company check-up before acquiring the franchise license. 

Starting a Dutch franchise

Opening a franchise business in the Netherlands will involve incorporating a new legal entity. This step is entirely in the hands of the franchisee and the corporation selling the business right is not liable for the debts and obligations incurred by its Dutch franchise.
All companies in the Netherlands are registered with the Commercial Register and they are required to have a unique business name, as well as a corporate bank account, opened with one of the banks in the Netherlands.
Our team will give you information about the mandatory tax registrations and guidelines for VAT registration in Netherlands.
The BV and the NV are the two most commonly used business forms and the suitable choice will depend mostly on the size of the company and the prospects for expansion. Our team of attorneys in the Netherlands can help you incorporate a new legal entity and follow all of the required steps.
Contact our law firm in the Netherlands for more information about the services we provide both to local and to foreign investors.