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Lawyers in the Netherlands
Lawyers in the Netherlands
Legal services in Netherlands

Lawyers in the Netherlands

We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Litigation cases

If you need a litigation attorney in the Netherlands, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Open a company

We offer complete company formation services to foreign and local businessmen.


We can help you obtain the necessary permit or license for your business activities in the Netherlands.

Company liquidation

The liquidation procedure of a Dutch company can be handled by our lawyers.

Debt Collection

Our Dutch lawyers can help you recover any outstanding debts from your clients.

Tax advice/Planning

We can help companies reduce their taxable income in the Netherlands.

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Dutch Law Firm

Dutch Law Firm

Updated on Friday 23rd February 2018

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Professional Law Firm in the Netherlands

Our law firm in the Netherlands offers assistance for multiple procedures, customized to each client, project or case. We are a professional team of lawyers and accountants that will provide the best services for entrepreneurs who need legal and accounting support in all corporate activities.

Our lawyers are in permanent contact with legislative changes, interpretation modes of legal norms and regulations in the Netherlands, as well as specialized updated information from the international legal environment. The complexity of the Dutch legislation in accordance to our projects and cases challenge our lawyers’ ongoing effort along with coherent and consistent actions in order to satisfy our client’s interests.


Whether you want to open a business in the Netherlands, to give a special attention to the tax compliance, to recover debts, to liquidate a company or you need legal advice in other sectors such as family law, maritime law, transportation law, banking or immigration, our Dutch law firm will provide the best support in optimum time and convenient conditions. Also, if you need similar legal services in another country, such as Slovakia, we can put you in touch with our partners

Company formation Services in the Netherlands

We offer full services for opening a Dutch Company: The procedure of opening a company in the Netherlands consists in several steps which may be assisted by our lawyers from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The first step consists in opening a share capital account, followed by a specific notary procedure and finalized with the registration with the Dutch Trade Register. Our lawyers are also able to handle with other legal actions provided by the Dutch law in accordance with the incorporation of any local company with diverse shareholding and other legal actions or advice in this field. All the documents needed to run your business should be ready in about three weeks, but the initial expected period may be exceeded when a bank approval or VAT registration implies delays. Read our brief article about opening a Dutch Company.

Consultancy for company management in the Netherlands

Professional services in Commercial and Business Law in the Netherlands: Experienced lawyers that work with us in Amsterdam, Netherlands, will provide you professional services in any case concerning Commercial and Business issues. Our lawyer firms can accomplish any procedures that target the purchasing shares, investments, acquisitions and merges actions

Debt Collection and Taxes in the Netherlands

Are you dealing with unpaid debts? Our lawyers in Netherlands remain at your disposal with efficient services in this matter. We have a vast experience in this field and are able to accomplish any debt collection procedure by giving you the most suitable solution in accordance to your case. Our Duch law firm can take care of entire procedure, from the amicable settlement by sending several demand letters to the debtor, within the lawsuit before the Court.

If you want to know more about the debt collection in the Netherlands and about the actions that imply a lawyer’s advice read our brief information on this subject. 

The lawyers and accountants working for us work provide quality services for Dutch or foreign companies that require legal and accountant support for the undertaken activities. We are able to provide customized services in tax and financial matters optimized to your needs, including the VAT registration, payroll services, double taxation avoidance and other connected procedures.


Try our Dutch Tax Calculator!

Our tax calculator was created in order to help foreign businessmen calculate their corporate taxes in the Netherlands. They can find out how much they have to pay as corporate tax, dividend tax and Value Added Tax in the Netherlands by filling out only 5 simple fields. Moreover, our calculator also detects the existence of any double taxation treaties concluded between the Netherlands and your country of residence. In case you need to calculate the main taxes your company must pay in the Netherlands, we invite you to try our Dutch tax calculator.

Civil Law matters in the Netherlands

Our team also consists in lawyers specialized in Family Law for whom our customer’s needs have became the quality standards. Whether you need support for the issuance of a certificate by the Registrars of Civil Status, information about adoptions in the Netherlands or any other matter relating to the Family Law, our law firm will provide you with the best advice and will act in the most professional way in your benefit. 

Other legal services in the Netherlands

There are other legal sections for which our lawyers are able to provide full service, for example:  company dissolution and liquidation, litigations, employment, capital market, transportation and maritime laws, intellectual property, bank law, immigration, by offering our customers the most suitable advice to solve problems in the most effectively way. We believe in our knowledge and experience and our staff composed of competent and well prepared Dutch lawyers offers the most productive manner of working with our clients. For assissntace on accountancy related issues please rely on our  Dutch Accountants team.

Lawyers Netherlands is a part of INCO Group. Our areas of expertise are law, accountancy and company formation. If  clients need legal services in other countries, we recommend our reliable teams from all around the world, such as lawyers from Lithuania or our partner Thai law office.

We can offer information about company incorporation in other European countries, such as Turkey. If you are interested in dental services in Dubai or Mexico, we can recommend you our affliate dental clinics. 



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