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Open a Bank Account in the Netherlands

Open a Bank Account in the Netherlands

Updated on Monday 09th May 2016

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Open-a-Bank-Account-in-the-Netherlands.jpgBanking in the Netherlands

Dutch business owners as well as expats and non-residents will need to open a bank account in the Netherlands to be able to manage their income in the country and have access to various banking services.
Personal or corporate accounts can be opened at a variety of banks and, depending on the chosen service package, clients can benefit from online and mobile banking services as well as additional features and advice for banking.

Opening a bank account

Corporate Dutch bank accounts are mandatory when opening a company in the Netherlands. The company’s account will be needed for performing various business transactions or transfers and the transaction history will be relevant for annual accounting in the Netherlands.
Individuals working in the Netherlands can also benefit from choosing to set up an account with a local bank. They can receive their salaries directly into that account, they can make payments easier and transfer money out of the country, if needed.
The process is straightforward, especially for individual accounts and most banks allow for the preliminary steps to take place through an online application form.
Non-residents who find it hard to set up a bank account because of the language barrier can request the help of our law firm in the Netherlands. Our lawyers can also draw up a power of attorney that will allow another individual to open or manage a bank account in their name if they cannot be in the country.

Documents needed for opening a Dutch bank account

In order to open a bank account in person you will need to bring the following documents with you to the chosen branch:
- identification documents: ID card or passport;
- the Dutch Citizen Service Number (given when you register with the municipality);
- employment contract and proof of address in the Netherlands.
The documents needed to open a corporate account will vary and the investor will need to bring additional documents like the company’s Business Registration Certificate. 
For any questions regarding corporate bank accounts you can contact our Dutch law firm. Our agents can help you with a wide variety of legal solutions and advice for living and working in the Netherlands. 


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