The Netherlands Remains a Preferred EU Investment Destination

Written by: Editor

The business climate in the Netherlands improved, as the country managed to maintain its status as one of the preferred countries in the EU for foreign direct investment. The country occupied fourth place in a ranking released by the multinational professional firm Ernst & Young. According to the same source, confidence for investments in the country improved. Our team of Dutch lawyers can give you more detailed information about the current investment conditions.

Top investments are in Amsterdam

Amsterdam remains the top location in the country to receive foreign direct investments (FDI). According to the same ranking, the city received 152 FDI projects in 2017 while other cities like Rotterdam and the Hague each had around 42 such projects – an important difference. 
As far as the source of foreign direct investment in the Netherlands in 2017 is concerned, companies from the United States had the largest share, 88 of the total number, followed by China and Great Britain. In relation to the UK, the Netherlands seems to be a preferred location to relocate for those businesses that are considering to base their headquarters in a different country after Brexit. Our team of attorneys in the Netherlands can detail. 

Improvement in overall business confidence

What’s even more according to the same EY report, business confidence and the foreign investor’s confidence in the Dutch fiscal climate are on the rise, with the latter even reaching a record level. More than eighty percent of the respondents to the survey (81% to be more exact) have said that they are confident that the country will maintain an attractive fiscal climate. This is an important growth compared to the previous value of 67%.
The Netherlands is not only a country with good scores in terms of foreign direct investments. The Dutch are also among the happiest citizens in the world.
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