The Transport Sector in the Netherlands at its Prime

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The-Transport-Sector-in- the-Netherlands-at-its-Prime.jpgThe Netherlands has a developed and successful transport sector. While Dutch companies involved in transport in all of its sub-sectors, the road haulage companies are registering the largest turnover. They are influenced by the evolution of other sectors, namely trade or construction. The experts at our Dutch law firm can give you all of the needed details about the transport law in the country and the requirements for import/export companies.

The transport sector in the Netherlands

A recent report issued by ABN Amro Bank regarding the transport sector highlighted its main strong points and the areas that have room for improvement. The report covered all areas related to transport in the Netherlands, including road, water, and air transportation. Freight volumes were the ones to record the largest increase and the evolution of the sector was perceived as overall positive because of the lower number of company bankruptcies in 2016. 
The road transport opportunities seem to come from the construction and retail sectors, the report reveals. A stronger expansion of the construction sector in 2016 lead to increase in demand: the turnover recorded by road hauling companies increased by 2.8% in 2016. Likewise, the amount of total transported goods increased by 2.5% in 2016. 
The battle for transportation was held between road and water transportation, with the latter divided into two categories: maritime and inland navigation. The overall turnover recorded by road haulers was larger last year.
The road transportation law and the maritime law have distinct requirements. One of the attorneys at our Dutch law firm can give you details about each one. 

Investing in Dutch transport companies

The Netherlands welcomes foreign investments and offers the same investment rights both to its local investors and to foreigners. Companies need to observe the requirements for registration, profit taxation and the annual accounting and reporting. 
Foreign investors who want to open a Dutch transportation company can talk to one of our Dutch lawyers for complete details about licensing and the laws for moving certain categories of goods.
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