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Establishing a Sole Trader in the Netherlands

Establishing a Sole Trader in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 09th September 2015

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A sole trader in the Netherlands is an individual business owner who manages his or her own activity and is fully liable for the debts of the company. The sole trader is one of the legal forms of business entities available in the Netherlands. Our Dutch lawyers can offer you complete information about all of the available business structures.
The sole trader does not have legal personality. Its identity is that of the business owner and it can only be owned by one individual. Entrepreneurs who operate a sole trader in the Netherlands may hire employees, according the type of business.
Managing a sole trader in the Netherlands
One important issue about the Dutch sole trader is that the business owner is fully liable for the debts of the company. No distinction is made between the company’s assets and the personal assets. In certain unfortunate cases, like bankruptcy, creditors can recover their debts by claiming either business assets or personal assets.
Married couples in the Netherlands will most likely have share assets, thus the spouse’s assets are vulnerable in case of bankruptcy. In some cases, however, the spouse’s assets may be partially included in the business assets or not at all. Our lawyers in the Netherlands can give you complete details about liability.
Setting up a sole trader in the Netherlands
One advantage of the sole trader is that it offers a simple incorporation procedure and entrepreneurs can begin their activity in a short amount of time. The sole trader must be registered in the Commercial Register.
The sole trader needs to be registered for VAT in the Netherlands and the owner must pay income tax on its profits. 
As a sole trader in the Netherlands you are able organize your own business and focus on increasing your profit and number of clients. Our Dutch law office offers a wide range of legal and business services, suitable for all kinds of activities. Contact our law firm if you want to work as an entrepreneur in the Netherlands. 


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